Productphotography for companies/webshops

For companies/webshops a set of productphotos can be made. These images will visualize (a part of) the product assortment in an attractive way. Whether it is about a shoe or a trinket, DEKOGELPHOTOGRAPHY has a suitable solution. Maybe you already have an idea about how the productphoto should look like, that's of course also possible.

DEKOGELPHOTOGRAPHY offers two packages;

For both packages:

For more information or a customized quotation please contact me via the contact form.


My pictures are known in both the Netherlands and internationally.

  1. Artimage, Brazil, sells some of my cutlery photos in an art gallery (
  2. Studio William Welch, England, photos of their design cutlery to be used in a brochure (
  3. Invocate, a banner for the website, symbolizing the 5 phases of their approach (
  4. Mijn Gekkegeit, several product photos for the website (;
  5. Etc.


"A multifunctional and
sensual tool designed for
eating desserts."
On behalf of Studio William, England



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